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Your goal as a successful real estate agent is to match buyers and sellers as often as possible. Most of the deals the average agent closes are for people who are looking for a home and might not move again for years, maybe even decades. A good portion of buyers are actually active real estate investors who are looking to flip or rent.

These active investors are often your regular clients and you probably know that forming a good relationship with them is vital. They buy and sell several properties throughout the year and that adds to your income. However, dealing with investor clients can be challenging.

Investors usually know the market, have their own way of doing things, and put in a lot of low offers that you have to file. Investors can also be picky about their agents because they need someone reliable who responds to calls fast, and puts forward good deals they can consider. So, fostering a good relationship with a real estate investor can be profitable, but it takes work and open communication.

BelowMarketValue.com (BMV) is a tailored marketplace that is geared towards investors and deal hunters and can greatly help you, as an agent. You can save valuable time in vetting below market value properties and pitching them to your clients.

This article is about how to be a successful real estate agent by forming winning relationships with active investors.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of working with investor clients and how BelowMarketValue.com can help you enrich your relationships with them.

How to Work With & Benefit From Investor Clients

Fostering productive relationships with investor clients is beneficial for both the agent and the investor. You know what to expect and investors know they will get a fast response when they need to act quick on a deal.

Real estate investors usually buy and sell several properties per year, which leads to more income for you. That is why it is often better to invest your time in building good relationships with investors.

There are 28.1 million real estate investors in the US, and 7 million of them consider themselves active and are planning to buy property within the next twelve months. Chances are, there are quite a few of them in your community that you can tap into.

By working with investors that value your expertise and relationship, you have the ability to automate certain aspects of that relationship and save time. That way, you will be spending less time explaining and more time closing deals. It is vital to get to know your investor clients so you can understand the niche they invest in, and their strategy.

Is their niche single-family homes or four-unit rental properties? Is their strategy flipping, or holding and renting?

By determining this, you can streamline communication, and send them only deals they are interested in. If your clients are flipping homes, they are looking for deep discounts so they can make a profit even after doing cosmetic repairs. If they tend to rent, they are still looking for undervalued properties because they want to maximize their cash flow.

In either case, in order to optimize your workflow and offer them adequate deals, you should have a system in place that helps you act quickly.

This is where BMV comes in. We do a lot of the vetting for you, and only list properties that are “below market value” and offer instant equity.

You can take advantage of the below market value listings in our marketplace to offer value to your investor clients, close more deals, and boost your income.

Use BMV to Find Great Deals for Your Clients

Use BMV to help your investor clients act quickly on new deals, and increase their chances of getting their offers accepted. You can employ our County Reports to get instant snapshots of local markets, and hand pick the properties that fit their niche or have the deepest discounts.

Send them the right deals that fit their niche and strategy, while investing less time in vetting properties.

By using to quickly find good deals and forward them to your clients according to their niches, you are increasing the chances of them closing a deal. You are also helping them get the best possible discount, and improving their cash flow. When their cash flow is in the green, they will have more capital to buy more homes, thus boosting your income.

BMV Helps You Narrow Your Search

Use BMV to get a head start on undervalued properties. Instead of looking at the market in general and filtering through thousands of houses, we narrow them down for you to the ones that interest your clients.

You can filter properties by equity, either based on Tax Appraisal or our eQuickValue, which eliminates a large portion of the homes that do not fit your client’s criteria and saves a lot of time.

You can use our eQuickValue to pit market value against sale price, and measure potential profits for your clients. Our platform assists you with the vetting process by doing a lot of the legwork for you and provides a short list based on your specifications.

For example, if you are looking for single-family homes with an average market value of $200,000 and are undervalued by $30,000, you can set our equity filter to show only properties that are $30,000 below market value for that niche.

We generate all houses in your target area that are $30,000 below their eQuickValue, which reflect market value based on neighborhood, market, age, and location. And you get a vetted list of undervalued properties that you can hand pick from.

Get BMV Alerts When New Deals Come on the Market

You can save your criteria on BMV and receive email alerts as new properties that fit them come to the market. You can set your email alerts to receive only properties that are 30% or $30,000 below market value, based on either our eQuickValue or Tax Appraisal.

You can further evaluate those properties and then forward them to your investor clients. You can also set up your account so your clients get listings sent directly to their email. That will depend on your relationship and the level of control you want to have.

Also, you can direct an investor to BMV and they can set up their notifications themselves. However, many real estate investors are too busy to do further research and vet the property. It is often best to do the in-depth vetting for them and forward them hand picked deals. We make that easy because we are already sending you only the type of deals that you have requested.

Investors Need Reliable Real Estate Agents

How to become a successful real estate agent by leveraging your relationships with investor clients?

Investors are looking for a partnership with a trusted real estate agent who can help them optimize their success. By pitching them highly vetted undervalued properties, you are giving them a head start. You are building trust.

Respond to calls and emails quickly, so investors can put in timely offers or lock the property with an option contract so they can further investigate it. Lend them a hand in financing and recommend a contractor or a decorator. Keep them up to speed if you are not going to be available due to vacation or travel, and delegate their account to a trusted colleague while away.

Respect their time, communicate openly, and help them navigate below market value properties and act on good deals quickly and seamlessly with BMV.


Your investor clients can generate the majority of your income. That is why building productive relationships with them is vital. Investors can be demanding, but as long as you use smart tools like BelowMarketValue.com, you can automate a lot of your research and vetting, and be able to put forward undervalued properties that your investors seek. Set up alerts and take advantage of our intelligent search automation to get investor grade properties as soon as they hit the market.

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